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Mobile Wireless Connectivity

Managing many properties can be tiresome. With so many plates in the air it’s easy to drop one, don’t let your WiFi network get dropped. Let us handle all of your mobile WiFi needs including guest support & ISP management.

Fully Customizable Experience

Create a fully customizable login experience using your brand. With Tengo, you have the ability to customize your WiFi offering and what landing pages or advertisements your guests view.

Park-to-Park Roaming

Enterprise level outdoor hospitality can be competitive. Build brand loyalty by having only one login name at each of your properties. Wireless Connectivity. Simplified.

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Tengo expertise and Mobile WiFi System Solves WiFi Troubles for South Padre KOA

While South Padre Island KOA’s location is part of the appeal of the resort, its urban setting comes with the challenge
of substantial radio interference from neighbors, including a major U.S. Coast Guard base.

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Management groups need reliable, simple,
and standardized mobile WiFi. We can help.

  • Equipment Standardization
    When one has multiple properties to manage, upholding a brand image of quality is important. We can assist in standardizing your WiFi offering across all your properties that is representative of your brand.
  • Network Scoring
    WiFi standards within the industry are forming. Stay on the technological forefront with TengoInternet’s proprietary network algorithm to see where your systems stand among your competitors.
  • Advertising Opportunities
    Continue to earn revenue on your network by allowing advertisements from industry leading brands such as, Toyota.
  • Network Scalability
    Your company is growing, and you need a WiFi provider that can grow with you. We can scale our WiFi networks to meet your needs.

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