Supporting our Nation’s Parks

Wireless Connectivity WiFi for National, State, and Municipal Parks

How we Serve the Stewards of our Parks

Streamlined Scalable Authentications

We offer a forward thinking and customizable authentication process. Using our latest login process state parks can quickly implement the same login system across each of its beautiful parks.

ISP/Satellite Sourcing

We’ve partnered with the industry leaders in ISP sourcing & Satellite internet, and we will conduct and in-depth search with pricing options for you free of charge. WiFi everywhere, for everyone.

Multiple States Connected

We’ve had the honor to work with the American Park Network, Kentucky State Parks, Florida State Parks, and many others. We would be glad to assist you in implementing WiFi standards across your state’s parks.

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High-Quality Wireless Connectivity
for our Country’s Majestic Parks

  • Optimized Operations
    Our premiere WiFi solutions provide invaluable operational improvements for park managers. Better wireless service responsiveness can provide remote, property-wide access to reservation and other operational tools on handheld devices.
  • Rural Connectivity
    Even with the beauty of the great outdoors comes a need to be connected. Our industry-leading wireless solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges posed by offering connectivity over an expansive rural area.
  • One Login
    Throughout the entire park system only one login is required for your guests. .We’re proud to offer fast, simple, and reliable WiFi to our nation’s state park systems.
  • WiFi Redefined
    With extensive experience working within various state park systems and in-depth knowledge of your procurement processes and standards. We can ensure we can address the specific needs your state’s parks.

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