Tengo WiFi Services

Reliable, Proactive, and Turn-key Management for your WiFi network


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    Design Your Network

    Do you prefer a more hands-on approach? We’ve created a self-design network tool so you can drag and drop Access Points where you would like WiFi coverage. Once completed an engineer will review and an expert WiFi consultant will reach out to you.

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    WiFi Consultation

    Here at Tengo, we believe in providing more than just a network. Our WiFi consultants will work with you every step of the way. In help you understand the intricacies of outdoor WiFi, allowing you make an informed decision.

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    ISP Sourcing

    We have valued partners within the industry that enable us to offer free ISP searches for your property. We can manage your ISP line enabling us to troubleshoot, speak expert-to-expert, and simplify your billing.

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    Bandwidth Assessment and Projection

    Not getting the speeds you need? Using our proprietary algorithm developed by our team of engineers we can calculate what ISP speeds will be required to provide the best customer experience possible.

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    Certified Engineers

    Our team of engineers are certified by OSHA, Ruckus, Cisco, & Ubiquity. They have in-depth experience designing and implementing outdoor wireless solutions in remote areas, complex terrain, or hundreds of acres.

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    Enterprise Level Equipment

    We provide enterprise level equipment from the best wireless manufactures in world including Ruckus, Cisco, and Meraki. Each network is custom tailored to fit your needs right down to the equipment used.


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    ISP Management

    We can manage your ISP line allowing us to troubleshoot, speak expert to expert, and provide one statement for both services. Wireless Connectivity. Simplified.

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    24/7/365 Guest Support

    We offer round the clock service to your valued guests to assist them in handling any difficulties they may face. Such as logging in, adding devices, and general WiFi troubleshooting.

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    24/7/365 Network Operations Center

    We have a dedicated network operations (NOC) center located in San Antonio where we employ highly trained professionals to monitor your WiFi systems proactively to ensure a reliable customer experience.

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    Uptime, Speed, and Performance Monitoring

    We provide monthly reports of your individual properties to ensure they operating to your satisfaction including our server uptime, your bandwidth speeds, shaping, and unique device usage rates.

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    Security and Piracy Liability Management

    TengoInternet networks are CALEA compliant, and we offer Terms and Conditions that are DMCA compliant. We assist in mitigating the risk of copyright infringement by guests or clients.

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    Disaster Recovery and Planning

    Mother nature happens. Our WiFi consultants assist in planning for the worst including floods, extreme temperatures, and damaging winds. They will ensure you have the right equipment for your location and recovery plan in place.


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    “Freemium” Service Models

    TengoInternet can implement tiered service levels that can be both “free-to-use” or “pay-to-use”, and the revenue is yours to keep. Using this method WiFi pays for itself and more.

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    Customized Landing Page and Login

    Create a fully customized login process with a landing page highlighting your property’s unique attributes as well as redirects of your choosing.

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    Loyalty Programs

    If you own multiple properties, you can have ONE login for all of your properties. Why go to a location with a wireless system when they’re acclimated and enjoying yours?

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    Utilize your Wireless system to streamline your business. Set up remote cameras to protect the security of your property, get the most out of your point-of-sale systems, and bring your vending or merchandising to the next level.

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    Secure additional profits by allowing advertisements such as videos, banners, and redirects during the authentication process. The decision to run ads is yours and yours alone.

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